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    5 Mushroom Hot Chocolate Mix

    Frothy, functional, and a favourite among Landish customers: this hot chocolate recipe will take you back to your childhood.


    There's a reason why our 5 Mushroom Hot Chocolate Mix is a favourite amongst Landish customers. Made with organic fairtrade cocoa and 0 added sugar, this recipe has a classic hot cocoa taste, with the added benefits of 5 organic functional mushrooms, including reishi, chaga, turkey tail, lion’s mane and cordyceps. Interested in learning more about the science behind these health-boosting fungi? Check out this blog post.

    250 ml of your favourite milk (we always reach for the oat milk!)
    1 heaping tbsp of Landish 5 Mushroom Hot Chocolate Mix

    Want a boost?
    Add 1.5 tbsp of Landish Marine Collagen


    Add 1-2 tbsp of the hot chocolate mix to your frother (you can also use a pot and whisk if you don’t have a frother)


    Add in your milk of choice.


    Press start and wait until complete


    Pour the frothy hot chocolate into a mug

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