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    Chocolate Banana Overnight Oats

    Stock your fridge with this go-to breakfast to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the week.

    5 Mushroom
    Hot Chocolate Mix

    363 total reviews

    135 g

    Stable blood sugar can help to keep your energy levels even-keeled and help to reduce brain fog, cravings and anxiety.

    Protein, fat and fibre are your biggest alleys when it comes to regulating your blood sugar levels. Made with our 5 Plant Protein Powder5 Mushroom Hot Chocolate Mix, fibre-rich oats, and nut or seed butter, this overnight oats recipe includes all three (with the added bonus of five functional mushrooms).

    Pro tip: overnight oats actually become more flavourful after a couple of days, so go ahead and prep a few batches for the week.

    ⅔ cup oats
    ½ cup milk (regular or plant)
    1 tbsp nut or seed butter
    2 tbsp of Landish 5 Plant Protein Powder
    2 tbsp of Landish 5 Mushroom Hot Chocolate Mix

    Want a boost? 

    Add 1.5 tbsp of Landish Marine Collagen 


    In a jar or in a sealable container, combine the oats, hot chocolate mix and plant protein


    Add a splash of the milk and mix in the nut or seed butter


    Add the rest of the milk and stir to combine


    Garnish with cocoa nibs, toasted almonds, seeds, banana slices or your topping of choice


    Store the container or jar in the fridge overnight for a quick and nourishing breakfast or snack the next day

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