About Us

Our Mission

We help you through the daily grind by filling your nutrient void with the world’s most nutrient-dense snacks, to keep you focused, on track and feeling good.

This brand is our answer to the “daily grind”

We’ve worked a spectrum of jobs, from sales repping, to investment banking, programming, supply chain restructuring, marketing, and now the startup grind. We know what it’s like to work into the wee hours of the night, to be on the road, to not want to break the flow in a brainstorming session, and to juggle what can feel like a million priorities.

We found that having the right thing to eat at the right time, especially during the hectic days, can go a long way in keeping you healthy, focused, on track and in good spirits. This is what Landish is about.

How We Think About Nutrition

Diets don’t work. Fads comes and go. Good nutrition is about eating with intention, seeking nutrient density, striving for balance, and building lasting habits. It’s about developing a lifestyle that is sustainable and that truly makes you happy. With the kind of lives we lead, healthy snacking is an essential part of the plan.

How We Think About Life

Commit to your health so that you can commit to something greater than yourself. Does that feel a little cheesy, and maybe a little intangible? Maybe, but yet it’s the truth—it’s

How We Think About the Environment

The environment is a real priority for us, not a cliché. But you won’t find this in our mission statement because we think it should be a standard among all companies. We choose sustainable ingredients and will never stop pushing for even better, we’re working on reducing the impact of our packaging throughout its lifecycle, and we have a tree planted in an area of [BC] devastated by wildfires for every online order we receive. We’re not perfect and there are still things that really frustrate us, but we won’t stop making this a priority.

How we work differently

We’re committed to pursuing happiness every day. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of sacrificing happiness today to pursue it in the long term - but life’s too short for that. That doesn’t mean that we don’t work hard and have tough days, but we’ve promised each other as a team that we’d never forget what matters most: our health and our happiness.

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