Our Story

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Stuck in the Nutrient Void

Whether working from the office or home while trying to juggle everything else, we struggled to find genuinely healthy, nutrient-dense, and enjoyable food that would save us from reaching for junk at times when quick and convenient was necessary.

We’re big believers in super healthy, home-cooked meals but the problem was the in-betweens. We’ve each played different roles in getting this business off the ground but this problem is truly one we had in common.

The Growing Footprint of Food

At the same time, we’re observing what is happening to our planet and are very much aware of the immense pressure that our global food system is having on it. We knew we had to build sustainability into our company’s DNA.

Smarter Food is Possible

We want to make it easier for you to make smarter food choices. Smarter sources of quality protein and other key nutrients are within reach—our current product offering is only the beginning.

Our Priorities

Montreal-Made. Proudly Canadian.

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