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    Meat Substitute

    Pure Canadian Cricket Protein Powder

    Lean & complete protein with 100%+ of your B12 daily value

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    Hear from our community

    For the curious

    Our Pure Canadian Cricket Powder is farmed and processed in Ontario, Canada.

    Yes! Crickets are 100% safe to consume. Humans have been eating crickets for millennia, and now that crickets are farmed specifically for human consumption in Canada, all Canadian laws and regulations applicable to meat apply to cricket farming and processing.

    Cricket powder is said to be a nutritional substitute to meat because it contains all the same nutrients (but is much more sustainable!). It’s a complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids and contains far more vitamin B12 than conventional meat like chicken, beef and even fish.

    Our Canadian cricket powder has a much lower environmental footprint than livestock and poultry because crickets convert plant-based feed into complete protein much more efficiently. For the same amount of protein, crickets require a small fraction of the feed, water, and land compared to farm animals—and are consumed in their entirety, with no waste. Farming crickets produces far less greenhouse gasses.

    Crickets are in the crustaceans family, meaning they have a similar nutritional profile to shrimp, crab, lobster, etc., which are very low in saturated fat––especially compared to other animal proteins––and, therefore, unlikely to increase blood cholesterol levels. In fact modern nutrition research does not find a causal link between dietary cholesterol and LDL blood cholesterol.

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    For crickets its great

    I'm doing an AIP cleanse and my dietitian recommended this cricket powder. I've been using the cricket powder in my morning smoothies for about 2 weeks. I find it has an earthy/dusty taste but very helpful that it's a powder. It's taking me a bit of time to move passed the image of crickets in my head but that's a me problem. The powder itself is great and I'm happy with the purchase!


    Can’t believe I’m drinking cricket powder

    I added the cricket powder in my morning smoothie! It’s so delicious! No after taste and it has a creamy texture! I will be purchasing more! A great way to get my daily protein!


    Amazing product

    Absolutely Love it