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Mushroom Bliss Bundle

Two functional 5 mushroom blends with the perfect accessories


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Actually, both are versatile. Feel free to experiment in various drinks, smoothies, yogurt and other recipes.

From immune support to stress-relief, each mushroom contributes to your overall well-being. Check out the ingredients section above for more detailed information on the benefits of each mushroom.

Not at all! The creamer provides a delightful hint of vanilla without any mushroomy taste. Similarly, the hot chocolate tastes like rich and decadent…chocolate! Neither product resembles the flavour of traditional culinary mushrooms. The carefully chosen functional mushrooms bring subtle, harmonious notes that enhance your beverages without altering their delicious taste.

Cleaning the frother is a breeze! Simply detach the whisk, rinse it under warm water, and wipe the body with a damp cloth. It's also safe to immerse the whisk in soapy water. Remember, it's USB-rechargeable, so avoid submerging the entire unit.

No, these stainless steel measuring spoons are universal, suitable for use with all Landish products and any kitchen adventure.

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