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    Daily Defence

    5 Mushroom Coffee Creamer

    Adaptogenic, dairy-free creamer with functional mushrooms


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    Pro tip: boost your creamer with Pure Canadian Marine Collagen for extra benefits!


    For the curious

    This isn't your average creamer. It's a dairy-free game-changer with a natural touch—free from artificial sweeteners and not packed with sugar! With five organic functional mushrooms—reishi, lion’s mane, cordyceps, turkey tail, and chaga—it provides adaptogenic goodness to your cup, without any earthy notes.

    While most creamers focus solely on flavour, this one was created to enhance your well-being with its immunity-boosting, gut-supporting, and stress-reducing properties.

    Yes, this product is 100% plant-based, vegan-friendly, and dairy-free.

    Nope! This creamer delivers a delightful hint of vanilla, and doesn’t have a mushroomy taste – especially not your typical culinary mushrooms. The functional mushrooms we've carefully chosen bring a subtle and harmonious note that perfectly complements your coffee experience.

    Functional, medicinal, or adaptogenic mushrooms have been used for over a thousand years in East Asian medicine for their health boosting properties. The use of functional mushrooms has been a remarkably resilient tradition, for long based on human experience, passed on from generation to generation. Only more recently have studies begun to reveal the specific compounds in these mushrooms that can explain their health benefits.

    Yes, it's a versatile addition. Pair it seamlessly with other Landish products for a complete wellness experience.

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