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    Collagen-Boosted Coffee

    Try this coffee recipe for 7+ health benefits in just one cup of java!

    Pure Canadian
    Marine Collagen

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    We all know that consistency is key when it comes to obtaining the health benefits associated with our Canadian Marine Collagen (you can read about the many health benefits here), but let’s be honest: sometimes we forget! That’s why adding 1.5 tbsp (8.3 g) of marine collagen to your morning coffee is a great way to ensure you’re getting your daily dose on a consistent basis.

    Added bonus: many Landish customers report that our Canadian Marine Collagen adds a slightly creamy taste, making it a seamless addition to their coffee ritual. 1 cup of coffee
    1.5 serving of Landish Marine Collagen
    ½ cup of your milk of choice (we love oat)


    Pour your milk of choice into your frother


    Add in a serving of Landish Marine Collagen


    Press start and wait until complete


    Pour 1 cup of coffee into your mug, topping it off with the frothed milk

    Note: If you don’t take milk in your coffee, no worries! Replace the ¼ cup of milk in step 1 with hot coffee.