Landish Projects and Innovations for 2021

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Landish Projects and Innovations for 2021

All-Canadian Harvest


We’re working on expanding our offering of 100% Canadian harvested ingredients, both in alternative proteins and other functional ingredients. Some of these local supply chains are in their infancy, and we plan on playing a role in developing them, slowly but surely. We not only want to make more of these ingredients available to you, but we also want to show that we Canadians can play a meaningful role in the future of food. Stay tuned! 

Reducing Food Waste With Upcycled Fruits and Veggies


To help tackle produce waste and its tremendous environmental cost we’ll soon be launching a product line made with powdered, whole food misfit fruits and veggies that would have otherwise been destined for a landfill. These fruits and veggies are sourced fresh from farmers, producers and grocers in Canada and the US and are of perfect nutritional quality, BUT... they’re either ugly, or too small, or the supply chain simply can’t accommodate them at any given time. You’ll now be able to reduce produce waste, one sip at a time!

New Lattes!


We have some amazing new latte mixes made with some incredibly nutritious, sustainable, functional ingredients headed your way shortly!

Doubling Down on Gut Health


Gut health will continue to be a big theme for us this year. We’ll be introducing some clinically proven Canadian-made probiotics into some of our products. These probiotics are very effective at setting up shop in your gut thanks to a patentedmicroencapsulation technology, involving microscopic plant-based envelopes that protect them from stomach acid along their journey.

Animal-Free Animal Proteins


In 2021, we’ll be partnering with an incredibly exciting food biotech company to bring you one of the world’s first animal proteinsmade with absolutely no animals involved! It’s made through a process of fermentation, whereby very special microbes convert sugar into protein. Animal-free animal proteins are going to be a massive phenomenon, and they will play such an important role in building our food secure, sustainable future.

By the way, this protein is identical to how it is in nature, complete with all 9 essential amino acids, easy-to-digest, containing no genetically modified material, and being completely free of any hormones, antibiotics or environmental contaminants. Holy smokes, right?

Planting Trees


Thanks to your orders, in 2020 we were able to plant over 10,000 trees in Canada on protected lands - there to stay!  This was just the first step toward our objective of planting 1 million trees in Canada! This initiative is part of our commitment to making your orders carbon negative, meaning that they result in more carbon being withdrawn from the atmosphere than emitted. 

Ocean Plastic Cleanup


In addition to planting trees, we decided to take on another environmental cause this year. For every plastic jar produced by Landish, we’ll be removing plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (now the size of Texas!) The organization we’ll be supporting, The Ocean Cleanup, has deployed a 600-metre-long U-shaped floating device to collect plastic automatically, driven by the waves and the wind. We’ll soon provide more details on this project and the numbers we hope to achieve. Landish’s Canadian-made HDPE jars and caps are both reusable and efficiently recycled (HDPE is one of the easiest plastics to recycle), and the chances of any of our plastic ending up in the ocean are extremely slim. Regardless, this is a cause we believe the consumer packaged goods industry should support wholeheartedly.

Alternative, Healthy Fats

Back to talking about nutrition, we’re looking to launch two super clean and healthy liquid plant-based fat boosters, including a legitimate alternative to DHA/EPA omega 3 from fish with a fantastic story of permaculture and sustainability behind it. Can’t wait!

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